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We offer customized solutions!


Mercury Instruments Custom Shop: Examples

Tracker 3000 IP with dilution unit (top r.), MMS explosion proof (bottom l.), VM-3000 in dustproof housing (bottom r.)


We can configurate our instruments depending on your analytical needs and specific requirements.


Among the most commonly requests for modification are:


  • Housings:

    • Ex Ex certified enclosures: explosion proof
    • Ex Ex certified enclosures: constant purging with pressurized air
    • Metal or plastic housings
    • dustproof enclosure with external input keyboard
    • 19-'' drawers for rack mounting
  • Matching the analyzer according to the mean Hg concentration of sample gas /aqueous solutions:

    • High Hg concentrations: upstream dilution unit and/or AutoRange function implemented (UT-3000 only)
    • Medium to low Hg concentrations: VM-3000
    • Low to very low Hg concentrations: UT-3000
  • Different calibrators:

  • 2 - 24 Channel multiplexer:
    Depending on your requirements: measurement of Hg-concentration at up to 24 different sampling points
  • Adjustment to already existing pipes and tubing: Modification of fittings
  • Function for speciation: Hg[elementary] / Hg[ionic]
  • Special filters for particulate matter in heavily polluted sample gas /aqueous solutions
  • and many more ...


Below some examples of our customized instruments:

link zu MI-News USA; PA-2 Gold:
Waste water monitoring of a coal fired power plant

link zu MI-News Songkhla, Thailand; MMS-NG:
Offshore exploitation of natural gas

link zu MI-News NewCastle, USA; MMS:
Monitoring of mercury emissions from a cellroom

link zu MI-News Belgium; VM-3000:
Dustproof enclosure


Leaflet EX Housings

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(Information regarding Ex certified housings)


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