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Manual Calibration Set


Manual calibration unit for the
Mercury Ultratracer UT-3000


Automatic Calibratotr




UT-3000 Mercury Ultratracer

The static calibration unit is meant for manually calibrating the
UT-3000 Mercury Ultratracer.


Manual calibration


UT-3000 Mercury Ultratracer

The calibration unit is connected to the UT-3000 Ultratracer. With a special syringe a defined volume of mercury containing gas is drawn from the calibrator and injected into the calibration port of the UT-3000.

After entering the volume of the injected gas, the UT-3000 will automatically calculate the mercury mass from the volume injected and the calibration cell temperature.


Operating principle


CalSet drawing

The Mercury Instruments Manual Calibration Unit consists of a specially designed mercury vessel containing elemental mercury of high purity, surrounded by an aluminium jacket cooled by a thermoelectric cooler.

The temperature of the mercury vessel is exactly measured with a high precision sensor (Pt 100). The electronic temperature sensor has to be connected to the UT-3000 ULTRATRACER using the cable delivered with the system.

The temperature of the calibration gas and the concentration of mercury are displayed on the UT-3000 screen before a calibration is performed.


Manual Calibration Set
Technical Specifications


Purity of contained Hg:


Accuracy of T-Sensor:

0,01 °C

Power supply:

230 VAC / 50 Hz,
110 VAC / 60 Hz (option)

Power consumption:

30 VA


35 x 20 x 25 cm (W x H x D)


approx. 4,7 kg

As a leading supplier of high precision analytical equipment, we strive at all times to offer top quality solutions. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001.

CalSet cover

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