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Sorb Star®


For trace analysis of organic compounds


IMT Sorb Star


Principle of operation and characteristics


  • PBSE (Polymer Bar Sorptive Extraction) with Sorb-Star ® is based on the adsorption of semi volatile organic compounds from different sample matrices
  • Developed especially for trace level analysis
  • Allows various sampling techniques
  • Group of substances: pesticides, PAH, alkanes (C10 to C24), organic contaminants, drugs ...
  • Very good sorption / recovery of substances with high log KOW value, high sorption volume
  • The Sorb-Star ® consists of a non polar and high purity Polymer solid material
    ( L= 20 mm, D= 2 mm) with very high sorption capacity. Sorption works in any sample matrix of non polar substances.


Fields of application


  • Water analysis, taste and odor (drinking water, surface water, sewage ....)
  • Beverages industry (soft- and alcoholic drinks)
  • Food industry
  • Flavor and parfume analysis (headspace enrichment)
  • Packing industry, cardboard, ...
  • Drug screening
  • Forensics




Enrichment from liquids, solids or gases is achieved by a certain time of contact
(e.g. 1- 12 hours) of the sample with Sorb Star®.

During enrichment the sample is mixed thoroughly in the best possible way, guaranteeing optimum sorption of the analyts.




  • Enrichment from liquids

    • Enrichment by shaking or stirring
    • Magnetic stirrer
  • Enrichment from gases

    • Headspace enrichment
    • Enrichment in a gas stream
    • in any vessel or Tedlarbag
Enrichment from gases


Analyzing Options


  • using GC:
    Enrichment – thermal desorption – GC/MS analysis

    Application with organic compounds, pesticides, PAH, alkanes ....

    • after enrichment process, insertion in any thermal desorption tube
    • thermal desorption / cryo-focussing – GC – MS analysis
  • using LC:
    Enricment – Liquid extraction – HPLC – MS analysis

    Applicable to thermo labile substances (e. g. Diclofenac)

    • Liquid extraction e.g. with 1 ml dichloro methane or methanol and e.g. 10 min. in a ultrasonic bath
    • Analysis with HPLC - MS

Increase of recovery of critical substances is achieved by using 2-3 pcs of Sorb-Star ® per analysis step


Special benefits of Sorb-Star ®


  • Up to 1000 times more sensitive than Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME)
  • Versatile use for all kinds of organic contaminants
  • Economic and ultra pure one-way item without any conditioning
  • Quantitative analysis, high reproducibility and recovery in the lower ppt range
  • Universal applicability of Sorb-Stars ® with every thermal desorption system
  • GC quality control during the production process of Sorb-Star ® guarantees reliable results




Sorb-Star scheme


Sorb Star cover

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