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UT-3000 NG mobile


Mobile mercury analyzer system for natural gas


UT-3000 NG mobile

Introducing the new UT-3000 NG mobile:


The UT-3000 Ng mobile is specifically designed to measure ultratrace amounts of mercury in natural gas at differing sites. The system, for example, thus allows to monitor the efficiency of different Mercury Removal Units (MRUs) in natural gas processing plants.




  • Natural gas platforms
  • Natural gas exploitation
  • Natural gas processing plants
Mercury Instruments UT-3000 NG applications

An Example:

link zu MI-News The UT-3000 NG mobile in Bolivia


System setup


The System comprises the well proven UT-3000 Ultratracer and the NG Sampling System 3000 for sample conditioning. Both units are housed within a rigid and sturdy plastic cabinet with sunk-in wheels at the bottom side for easy transport.

To provide increased safety for the user a flammable gas sensor is installed inside the cabinet, providing acoustic and visual alarm in case of gas leakage.


UT-3000 NG mobile Components


System components: NG Sampling System 3000


System component: NG sampling system 3000

The Natural Gas Sampling System reduces the primary high pressure of the sample source (up to 200 bar) to a pressure below 1 bar so that the gas can be fed to the continuously operating analyzer: UT-3000 Mercury Ultratracer. Pressure reduction is performed with a high precision pressure regulator.

To guarantee a suitable pre-conditioning the sampling system has two bypass flows; one at the high pressure side and one at the low pressure side.

In order to avoid ingress of water droplets or aerosols into the analyzer a membrane filter is installed in the sample stream.

NGSS Product page:
NG Sampling System 3000


System components: UT-3000 Mercury Ultratracer


System component: UT-3000


The UT-3000 uses the Mercury Instruments GoldTrap to capture total gaseous mercury (TGM) directly from the sample. At room temperature mercury is adsorbed by gold. As the gas continuously flows through the trap all the mercury contained in the gas is trapped by the gold. After the mercury is captured, the GoldTrap is heated very quickly, thereby releasing mercury as a gas (thermal desorption). The gaseous mercury is then swept by the flow of purified mercury free air into the optical cell of the detector where the mercury concentration is measured by atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS).

Basis for determination of the mercury concentration by AAS is the resonance absorption of the Hg-atoms at a wavelength of 253.7 nm. The sample gas is carried into the optical cell by a built-in pump. The optical cell is entirely made of synthetic quartz glass. Radiation of a mercury lamp passes through the cell and is measured by a solid state detector. The attenuation of the UV light reaching the detector depends on the number of mercury atoms in the optical cell. The microprocessor performs the quantitative evaluation of the mercury concentration in the sample. In order to get an extremely stable baseline, the UV-light source is controlled by a reference beam and reference detector device.

In addition to this, the UV detectors of the UT-3000 are thermostatically controlled. Heating the optical cell and the GoldTrap makes the UT-3000 insensitive to volatiles like water vapor and hydrocarbons.

UT_3000 Product page:


AutoRange function


The UT-3000 features an AutoRange function. If activated the sample volume will be automatically be adjusted according to the mercury concentration of the sample. After starting the measurement the smallest possible sample volume will be selected automatically. If the absorbance signal is too low, the sample volume will be increased until the absorbance is within the optimum range.


Increased safety: gas alarm


Mercury Instruments UT-3000 NG mobile - Gasalarm


For safety reasons the system is equipped with a flammable gas detector. There will be an acoustic pre-alarm every 30 seconds should the methane concentration exceed 1% or a constant acoustic and optic main alarm if the methane concentration exceeds 2.5%.


Manual calibration made easy


System component Manual Calibration Set

The UT-3000 NG mobile comes with a Static Calibration Unit.

To calibrate the UT-3000 connect it to the calibrator. Then simply draw a defined volume from the calibrator using a special syringe (included on delivery) and inject the defined volume into the calibration port of the analyzer.

Mercury Instruments UT-3000 NG mobile Calibration syringe

CalSet Product page:
Manual Calibration Unit CalSet


Options EEX certified cabinet


Mercury Instruments UT-3000 NG EEX

The specific setup of the UT-3000 NG mobile is strongly dependent on the special demands of our customers.

Therefore the system can be equipped with an explsion-proof cabinet certified for hazardous zones 1 and 2.

The housing features wheels for easy transportation.

For convenient calibration without having to open the housing the system can be delivered with an automatic calibration unit.

AutoCal Product page:
Automatic calibration unit AutoCal


UT-3000 NG mobile:
Technical Specifications




approx. 50 kg


72 x 78 x 78cm (W x H x D)

Power supply:

230 VAC / 50 Hz;
110 VAC / 60 Hz (option)

Power consumption:

System: 425 VA
(UT-3000: 250 VA max)
(NG Sampling System 3000: 175 VA)

Gas alarm:

  • Acoustic pre-alarm
    (30 sec. interval): Methane >1%
  • Acoustic and optical main alarm
    (continuous): Methane >2.5%

Operating temperature:

0 °C ... 40 °C

Operating humidity:

max. approx. 90 % R.H.,
no condensing humidity

CE approval:

according to 89/336 and 73/23 EEC


NG Sampling System

Particle filter:

1 micron stainless steel T-Filter

Maximum Sample inlet pressure:

approx. 200 bar

Pressure P1 (secondary side of pressure regulator):

0.0 – 1.0 bar (0.28 bar / 4 psi typically)

Flow 1:

0 - 5 l/min

Flow 2:

0 - 5 l/min

Materials used:

  • Stainless steel (partially coated)
  • Viton
  • Ismaprene


UT-3000 Ultratracer

Measuring component:

Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM)

Measuring principle:

Amalgamation technique (GoldTrap),
cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAAS),
wavelength: 253,7 nm


Electrodeless mercury discharge lamp (EDL), reference beam stabilized

AutoRange function:

Automatic control of sample volume

Optical cell:

fused silica (Suprasil),
length = 230 mm,
heated: approx. 45 °C

Measuring ranges:

  • lowest range:
    0.1 ng/m³ - 1000 ng/m³
    (at 10 l sample gas volume)
  • medium range:
    1 ng/m³ - 10 000 ng/m³
    (at 1 l sample gas volume)
  • screening mode:
    10 ng/m³ - 100 000 ng/m³
    (at 0.1 l sample gas volume)

Detection limit
according to DIN 32645:

1 pg absolutely or 0.1 ng/m³

Linearity over the
0.2 to 15000 ng/m³ range:

1.5% or better


5% or better at 14 pg Hg;
1% or better at 1500 pg Hg

Sampling flow:

40 l/h

GoldTrap heating flow:

10 l/h

Data logger capacity:

5000 data sets

Signal output:

  • analogue: 4 - 20 mA
  • serial: RS232 / USB

As a leading supplier of high precision analytical equipment, we strive at all times to offer top quality solutions. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001.

UT-3000 NG mobile cover

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