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ENVEA GmbH does not just sell state of the art mercury analyzers - we also attach the greatest importance to offering our customers the best possible support and help the analyst to solve any problem that may arise!

This includes counsel before deciding what instrument to buy, as well as professional help and assistance during installation and operation of our analyzers.

We furthermore offer training courses for our instruments, on-site as well as in our company.


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For quality control and to ensure the efficiency of our analyzers over a long perod of time, we provide worldwide professional support. This includes counseling by phone or email. If desired we can offer remote maintenance and remote calibration via modem for our stack monitors or on-site maintenance for on-line systems.


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Distributors, representative offices and sales agencies

Our highly qualified partners troughout the world do not just sell our analyzers, they also offer the best possible support for our instruments worldwide.

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