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Welcome to the Experts in
Mercury Analysis

Mercury Instruments is from now on





As leading innovator for mercury trace analysis we develop and manufacture an enormously broad bandwith of mercury analyzers and mercury monitoring systems at the highest technical level.


Whether you want to detect mercury in gases, liquids or solids:
we'll provide a suitable mercury detector!


  • Portable mercury analyzers
  • Laboratory analyzers for mercury
  • Automatic mercury monitoring systems for air and other gases
  • Continuous emission monitors for mercury in stack gases (CEM)
  • Calibration gas generators for mercury
  • Mercury on-line process analyzers for water and aqueous solutions


Tracker-3000 XS

NEW: Tracker-3000 XS

- lighter
- smaller
- more comfortable

UT_3000 product page
Tracker-3000 XS

We are specialized in developing customized solutions for natural gas systems!


  • Online systems
  • Offline systems
  • Ex certified housings
  • Single channel or multi channel systems




mobile monitoring systems


Easy to transport !


The perfect solution for time-limited measurement campaigns at varying locations!


for stack gas:

VM_3000 Mercury Stack Gas Monitor
SM-4 mobile

for natural gas:

UT_3000 Mercury Ultratracer
UT-3000 NG mobile




Products: an overview


This page will give you a summing up of our analyzers, process analyzers, online systems for stack gas, online systems for natural gas and accessory equipment such as calibrators and sample conditioning systems.



Special requirements? Ask us!


We have expert knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing customized solutions for mercury analysis.



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